Colours In Maori

These are the colours in Maori. Also some of the Piwakawaka kids are going to sing the song so if you keep watching you can see the song thank you.

Ma is white
Whero is red
Kakariki is green
Mango is black pango is too
Kowhai is yellow
Parauri is brown
Karakaraka is orange
Mawhero is pink
Kahurangi and kikorangi is blue
Tawa and Poroporo is purple
Koura is gold
Hiriwa is silver

Tens In Maori

These are the tens in Maori. Sorry I only went to one hundred but I needed to move on to the next post but thanks anyway!

Thirty-Toru tekau
Forty-Wha tekau
Fifty-Rima tekau
Sixty-Ono tekau
Seventy-Whitu tekau
Eighty-Waru tekau
Ninety-Iwa tekau
One Hundred-Kotahi rau

Counting From Eleven To Twenty In Maori

Today we are learning how to count from eleven to twenty in Maori.  Check out the words below and listen to the video to get the pronunciation right.  Have fun

Eleven-Tekau ma tahi                                
Twelve Tekau ma rua                                
Thirteen Tekau ma toru
Fourteen-Tekau ma wha
Fifteen-Tekau ma rima
Sixteen- Tekau ma ono
Seventeen-Tekau ma whitu
Eighteen-Tekau ma waru
Nineteen-Tekau ma iwa
Twenty-Rua tekau

Counting To Ten in Maori

Here are the numbers 1-10 in Maori.  You can watch the video to hear the words.

One- Tahi
Eight- Waru


Kia ora (Hello) My name is Mahana. I am going to teach you how to speak some Maori. You will also learn how to make things out of harakeke (flax).